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Naturopathy and Medical Cannabis: Social Anxiety Disorders

Marijuana or Genus cannabis is a flowering plant that comprises three main species; Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Ruderalis, and Cannabis Sativa. 

The plant has recently gained overwhelming popularity after its legalization across the globe. In most states, there is still restriction to its use such as medicinal or recreational use for various reasons.

What do you mean by Medical cannabis? Medical cannabis implies using cannabinoids or cannabis in medical therapies and practices to alleviate various symptoms or help in the treatment of numerous diseases.

Over 3000 years ago, the herb cannabis was in practice to treat diseases and illnesses such as alleviating pain, psychological disorders, digestive issues, and many more conditions.

Naturopaths are making use of cannabis in some of their therapies and conventional pain treatments to the oldest 'new' treatments. Learn more about the naturopathic modalities with a clickHowever, few medical doctors lack complete knowledge of cannabinoids and still fail to prescribe cannabinoids such as CBD and THC for treatments and further fail to aid in the alleviation of various conditions. 

As a naturopath, I am going to discuss how CBD can be used to alleviate anxiety as a natural form of treatment without exposing the body to other conventional forms of treatment.

CBD for Anxiety

Mental problems like anxiety and depression are getting common due to environmental factors, social lifestyle, work overload, and other issues. But with naturopathic medicine, we can fight and overcome such conditions of anxiety and depression. Also, the healing and wellness property of CBD has got quite a buzz lately.

Research has also shown that the anxiolytic property of CBD is an effective treatment for anxiety patients, whereas THC is found to induce anxiety. An increase in CBD dose leads to a straight away reduction in anxiety in comparison with the effects of anxiogenic THC use.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system responsible for balancing the body functions. The receptors present in the endocannabinoid system receive signals from various stimuli.

Later, CBD interacts with both CB1 (responsible for serotonin production) and CB2 receptors. CBD oil interacts with these receptors to alter serotonin signals and sometimes produce it. Serotonin is a chemical found in the body responsible for your mental health, mood, sleep. Low serotonin production means there is depression due to unstable mental health.

In this way, CBD helps in reducing anxiety most naturally by helping the body work itself without the use of other conventional medicine. If you follow the right methods of treatment and use of CBD under supervision, dealing with anxiety problems may not take extra time or resources to control your condition.

Other natural home remedies can help overcome the problem anxiety, click here.

Research and Evidence

A randomized study of 24 patients who were suffering from social anxiety disorder was conducted that showed an orally CBD pre-treatment (600mg by quantity) helped to reduce discomfort, cognitive impairment, and anxiety in the speech performance of the patients in comparison to another study on 15 men that were healthy who were given D-9-THC and 600mg CBD oral administration.

Also according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD has shown to be helpful in the reduction of stress in animals, i.e. rats. The rats were observed to have low behavioural signs of anxiety with an increased heart rate significantly improving.

Another study in 2011 was carried out to research the effects of CBD on people suffering from a social anxiety disorder. Participants were given a placebo or 400mg of CBD oil and results were positive.

Other Recent studies have also shown that CBD is vital in the alleviation of post-traumatic stress disorder such as having a replay on negative memories and nightmares.

CBD can also be used as a supplement to the traditional forms of treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication as per a study.

Final thoughts

CBD has recently found a growth in the therapeutic industry due to its wide range of benefits that citizens across the globe exercise each new day.

Being a naturally occurring compound of the hemp plant CBD can be the best naturopathy form of treatment and alleviation for various forms such as; pain, inflammation, anxiety, heart-related conditions, and many more.

However, despite the numerous benefits of CBD, there can be side effects as well.

CBD can react differently to different people due to various reasons such as age and health conditions of the patient.

However, it is quite important to seek clarity from a CBD expert doctor before starting to use it or consume it for any purpose. Get the right dosage information and even learn about the best place to purchase CBD oil with a mail at If you follow the right methods of treatment, CBD can be extremely beneficial for your anxiety, health and skin disorders.



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